The driving this driver was doing displayed no thinking behind it. It is just like there was a mindless robot behind all the decisions being made to make the vehicle go down the road.

In the first incident the Helwig driver displays how many drivers today are driving by speeding up on a passing vehicle in order to detain the passing vehicle out in the left lane to impede traffic in the left lane.

In the second incident the video displays how this Helwig driver passes this member only to suddenly slow down blocking any chance this member has to pass slower traffic in the right lane and further more impede traffic in the left lane.

It is posted in the State of Virginia that commercial vehicles operated below the speed limit must use the right lane.

This made no difference to this Helwig driver who seems to want to drive as he wants instead of how he should and this is further demonstrated in his cutting the member off 2 times withing 1 minute.

However when the member catches up to him and shows him the cameras he slows down. now it's no longer on his terms. Why? Because now there is video evidence. He cannot deny his reckless aggressive driving.

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