In this project I used Houdini Flip system for simulating Oil's drop on the water.
At the first the Oil's drop cover all of the water and lose it's circle shape (Drop Shape) after certain time, So I used "SOP Solver " in the DOPNetwork to save circle shape (Drop Shape) of the oils on the water over time.

I made a custom tool in the SOP Solver for computing area of the each drops , Then I used "Divergence Field" to fix area of each drops between certain value .

Finally to take correct ray tracing in the rendering , I used Cookie SOP to delete unused polygons between Oil and Water.

Another interesting experience that I take in this project is when we have some caustic pmap on the water (or anythings except ground) , the rendering time be come's too long , So I made another Digital Asset for deleting unused caustic point on the scene in the Rendering Process automatically.

Render Time without this tool : 15 min per frame
Render Time with this tool : 4 min per frame !!!

Of course this tool useful only for transparent objects like water or glass.

I'll upload this Digital Asset on my website later :

Thanks for watching .

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