A video showing the making process of New view research pavilion. This self standing structure out of 168 uniquely cut curved plywood panels explores a specific family of reciprocal frames in combination with a innovative fabrication process that uses thermo-formable plywood.
The structure is located at the Rooftop of Romantso Cultural center in Athens
This project was realizes by Topotheque design office in collaboration with the university of USC and the valuable help of the team O-203 from Romantso. This project was supported by the IKEA foundation in Switzerland,

Project Lead: Pantazis Evangelos
Supervision: David J Gerber
Team: O-203, Topotheque, Anastasios Spyridwnos, Dionysis Dikefalos, Dimitrios Pappas, DigiGrow
Sponsors: Swop. gr, Vagio-shop.com, Lasercutter.gr, Xenakis.com.gr

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