Camera : Panasonic GH3
LUT : Visioncolor "Osiris KDX"
Grain & Color : Filmconvert Fj VD super 35mm
Lens : SLR Magic 12mm w/ Black Pro Mist Filter

Just trying to test my wide angle SLR Magic 12mm and see how much dynamic range I could squeeze into the Panasonic GH3 before things start to look ugly and noisy. I carried over what I learned from this test onto my GH4 which has a much better codec and compression ! Buyer beware : The SLR magic hyperprime lenses are good but anything other than the hyperprime series are prone to failure. The worst build quality ever in a line of lenses. I have tested the 12mm,17,and 35mm and have since returned all due to broken focus rings etc. and now I only use the Voigtlander line of lenses !

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