Darin Goldston says the Memphis P.Tails not only play to entertain their audiences but the band plays to carry out a mission – to keep the blues alive.

“It’s kind of a struggle. There are not as many roadhouse-type bars to play in. People don’t stay out as late, don’t party as much. They’re on the Internet, they’ve got hundreds of channels on TV,” said Goldston, the founder and lead vocalist and guitarist of the Albuquerque band.

“It’s a different atmosphere than it was 15 years ago, for sure. … I don’t think the blues is as popular now as it was then.”

Nonetheless, the band is still trucking because it believes in the durability of the blues.

“The music is universal. I don’t think it’s something that will ever go away,” Goldston said.

With him in the band are bassist J.D. Sipes, drummer Mark McKenna and blues harpist Skinny Denny. ~ Albuquerque Journal

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