No, really, how flat can the GoPro Fisheye lens really get? Got a minute?

The short answer is this: Really flat. And to prove that, unambiguously, here is a fisheye view of repetitious straight shutter slats being crawled over with a GoPro 3+ Black.

GoPro's own free GoPro Studio program flattened the shot, then we scrutinized its attributes.

Question One: During fisheye removal, does the image get cropped? The corners do, because they need to be enlarged to become straight, but our test shows an exact centerline split between flat and fish. Look at this line in a freeze frame and you see that the center column of pixels shows no crop at all. At the extreme top and bottom of the line, the fisheye and flat pictures coincide.

You see the non-linear effect of the fisheye, but when correct, all height pixels are present. Side pixels are necessarily trimmed away when the picture gets un-bent. Surprisingly, so much detail still remains that almost nobody sees the slight loss of detail in the flattened image. It makes a very good, HD wide-angle shot.

Question Two: Are there any leftover curve artifacts? To see this, we put a straight line on the picture and steered it to intercept straight features of the shutters. Nope. It's geometrically straight.

[If you have last summer's version of GoPro Studio, it wasn't as good as this one. Upgrade.]

So why are people still shooting those fisheye views, so much?

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