Produced at yU+co
Creative Director: Garson Yu
Director/Designer: Mehmet Kizilay
Producer: Carol Wong
Animators: Mehmet Kizilay, Sinan Buyukbas, Ahmet Serif Yildirim, Louis Morton, Mert Kizilay

Director/designer and lead animator for the project. Creative Director Garson Yu came up with the brilliant idea which was to achieve the timelapse look in a 3D isometric video. Which required us to go through a certain R&D phase.
The design had to have a lot of resemblence to Palo Alto and Silicon Valley, That's why some of the corporate buildings such as Facebook HQ or Google HQ were modeled identical to their originals.
Directed the whole design, animation and compositing process. Led a small animation team in order to get as much detail animated as we can, so that in the beggining of every episode the audience catches a different glimpse of a fun detail.

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