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Real-time analytics on large volumes of geospatial data isn’t possible with traditional spatial databases. These databases weren’t designed to index and query terabytes or petabytes of complex geospatial data in real time. Organizations that manage rapidly growing volumes of geospatial data need SpaceCurve, a new big data platform optimized for spatial data. This webinar will arm you with questions to ensure that your geospatial applications can scale and grow to meet changing demands.

In this webinar you will learn

Why traditional geospatial databases can’t handle complex queries on large data volumes and highly dynamic data in real time
How the Internet of Things and other streaming data sources are changing the requirements for geospatial and intelligent location applications
What is unique about SpaceCurve’s architecture that allows it to concurrently index, manage and analyze continuously streaming geospatial data at petabyte scales
How customers are leveraging SpaceCurve’s platform to bring to market new products that weren’t possible previously

Andrew Rogers, Founder and CEO, SpaceCurve

Who should attend

CTOs, VPs of development, big data architects, line of business managers and technology directors responsible for managing or designing geospatial applications and services

Check out the SpaceCurve Technical Brief: media.directionsmedia.net/directionsmag/channels/webinars/GeospatialTechBriefFINAL.pdf

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