When filming a masterpiece, relying on your cheapo built-in camera mic isn’t just wrong – it’s basically like pairing foie gras with Bud Light.

Your films (and you) deserve better than mushy, garbled background noise and the Rode VideoMic Pro provides. It plugs directly into the audio jack on your DSLR, iPhone or iPad for pro-quality recording.

It fits easily into any hot or cold shoe mount and touts a suspension system, cutting down on the pops and rumbles that plague most mics. It’s powered by one 9-volt battery – aka it won’t leech off your camera’s juice – that lasts up to 70 hours.

The controls are simple. Set the decibel toggle for loud or quiet environments, the level function to adjust for close or distant subjects and go.

Whether you’re conducting impromptu interviews or filming at a concert, the mic’s shotgun design sifts through clutter and records only in the direction it’s pointed.

We know photogs aren’t always audio wizards, but you do have wizard-like directorial skills and an ear for quality. Make your next film a masterpiece worthy of Hollywood red carpet glory (or whatever the YouTube version of that would be).

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