A site-specific installation and an audiovisual performance.
Plateau Gallery - 8th floor Greenhouse, G.Dunkel straße 44
Berlin - May2014

An exploration of the so called Apophenial phenomena as a starting point to extend the reflection on the organization and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment around us.
The human tendency to seek patterns and connections in random information or meaningless data, could be considered as an extreme search for meaning in the complex reality. As perception is shaped by learning, memory, expectation and attention, we may ask which sensory qualities such as sound or color exist in objective reality rather than in the mind of the perceiver, or how our mind helps to structure our experience of reality.
With a focus on spatial augmented reality techniques, I made a video installation on non-planar projection surfaces, a projection system consisting of multiple planes each independently oriented in the Euclidean space.
The use of projectors as light source can transform the surface properties of the objects, generating a sense of wonder and the urge of intellectual exploration.
The images suspended in space are reflected in the windows of the circular room, multiplied by the many different points of view and added to the city's night vision. Music: Tipper - "Dreamsters".

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