A sample of the various arrangements I have composed in recent years - note that none are mastered or refined in any way as this is all pre-production music. All music as well as all the graphics is entirely made by me.

Track list:

0:00 - Launch Day
Launch Day is a small level showcase I made in Unity, for which wrote three pieces of dramatic orchestral music.

2:20 - Sanctuary
Like Launch Day, this is a smaller level showcase - here I composed a mellow, atmospheric score.

4:14 - Aegis
Aegis is a personal project of mine, a roguelike sci-fi/fantasy game with an orchestral score composed by me.

7:37 - Multiverse
Multiverse is an action RPG set in outer space, featuring a simple orchestral soundtrack.

12:32 - Bonus track: Sanctuary atmospheric music
This calm track plays in the background of the Sanctuary level.

For more of my work, see ivarhill.com.

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