Cloud Architecture is a new global, interdisciplinary team of young professionals working on urban and architectural projects all around the world. We send a field team to work directly from each local site and engage a global cloud of experts with the ease and efficiency of co-located practice. As an official participant in the London Festival of Architecture 2014, we are excited to demonstrate our unique process and deliver innovative solutions for one of London's most beloved markets, Old Spitalfields Market.

Our project, titled MADE IN LONDON, will be a POP-UP studio from which our team can engage the public in collaborative design. From June 9-20, our goal is to envision the next 20 years of Old Spitalfields Market through architecture, from more public spaces integrated into the market layout to new flexible stall structures for the merchants. Each day our studio is open to anybody who wants to learn about architecture and share their ideas.

The funds raised through Indiegogo will go entirely towards the costs of completing this pro bono project, including construction and prototyping materials and travel expenses for the team.

We're doing this for free because, as an emerging practice, we believe that architecture is fundamentally a public process and a social service. We hope that this project will build people’s sense of trust in architects, as well as architects’ sense of responsibility towards people. And if we can also facilitate the co-creation of practical and sustainable ideas for Old Spitalfields Market, all the better. Please join us in celebrating a tradition MADE IN LONDON!

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