Wednesday, 6/11/2014 - As a permanent airport fixture, I managed to unknowingly capture this incident from the north deck. The incident was hardly "scary". Pretty cool though. And probably a sweet ride for those on-board. Like extra innings in baseball - You get to fly on a 777 a while longer!
I get the ATC joke. Coming home & having your gate occupied is a whore. But it was obviously inappropriate. Kidding around w/a 777 captain on short final can't be career enhancing. Perhaps he's been controlling 20-something Regional Pilots too long. I've heard the way they talk - always signing off with "See-YA!" & other unprofessional nonsense.
So there's the REAL scoop on what happened at Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport, Rwy 27L & 28 on Wednesday afternoon, the 11th of June.

Greenwood Skunkworks Video Design Bureau - Aviation Squad

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