On April 23, 2014 Asia’s elephants lost their greatest champion. Mark Shand, Elephant Family’s figurehead lived an extraordinary life and spent much of it making huge strides for his beloved elephants – often though the force of his charismatic personality.

Mark’s passion for the Asian elephant was ignited in 1988 when, on a whim, he rescued a begging elephant in India and wrote a book. Mark fell in love with his elephant and spent the last 27 years of his life repeating the same message; that the Asian elephant is endangered and that, in the past 100 years 90% had been wiped out.

As a supporter of Elephant Family you have been playing a major role in the fate of the Asian elephant. Like you, Mark knew that the habitat of the Asian elephant was disappearing at a terrifying rate and that it is critical to keep pace with the destruction. Today just 5% remains which must be protected.

Before he died he was determined to save the elephants of Assam, India by reconnecting their forests and building safe new homes for the poor subsistence farmers who are also struggling to survive alongside wild, hungry and stressed herds. This project holds the key for 1,700 endangered elephants and was his final wish.

To Mark, elephants were adventure. They were imagination. They were masterpieces of nature. A world without them was unthinkable which is why he drove himself so hard to save them. This project needs £823,000 and thanks to incredible support so far, half of the funds have already been raised. With your help we can get there.

Be part of Mark’s legacy by donating today. elephantfamily.org/donate

With footage from Ecostorm

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