I was very lucky to bump into Alexandra Mao Iancu at my home DZ in Utti Finland, since I'm a very slow packer myself, and she's a master. =) Mao was kind enough to give me some professional packer tips and she let me film the whole procedure! So I decided to make a simple video out of it, and share these tips and tricks with everyone who feel the need to learn to pack more efficiently. This is not a 'how to' video or 'the only way to pack a canopy' video, and definitely not a speed run video (she can pack in ~3mins if necessary) - if you find this useful then go for it and try. If you're already an accomplished packer, then just enjoy the film. =)

This video was shot @ DZ Utti, Finland, on June 12th 2014.

Packer: Alexandra Mao Iancu
Camera: Teemu Vänskä
Music track: Ozric Tentacles - Slinky

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality. Originally the video was 1080p Full HD, but due to the file size restrictions (original was over 2GB large) I was forced to lower the quality in order to upload this here.

P.P.S. And for those who are wondering why there's no live commentary, it's because I was so excited filming this clip and I forgot to remove the casing from my GoPro, so the audio was just like "mmmpfff hmmmpff *RATTLE* mmmphffmpphff". My bad.

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