"A performance spectacle celebrating the Hudson River Estuary"

Lusciously painted puppet figures and hauntingly beautiful mask characters populate this large-scale, informative production celebrating the life and times of the Hudson River. Throughout the sixty-minute stream of spellbinding imagery, Arm-of-the-Sea blends regional history and natural sciences to reveal the river’s inner life.

Archetypal scenes portray the tidal rhythms of the river, the eat-and-be eaten dance of the food chain, the invention of the steamboat, settlement of river towns, fishermen, mill workers, captains of industry, landscape artists & the modern battles to clean up the river.

Buoyed by live music and punctuated with pithy narrative, this show is perfect for mainstage presentation, outdoor festivals or school audiences. It’s an extra-ordinary introduction to an extraordinary place.

Visit us at ArmOfTheSea.org

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