Cannon County Election Commission met Monday evening in regular session and most of the discussion centered around past issues between the election commission and the county commissioners at the last regular meeting and last special meeting, especially regarding the report given by Mike Gannon, County Executive.

Also discussed and clarified was Stan Dobson’s voting address.

At the center of the discussion was the salary of Dorinda Mankin, assistant, which had been discussed at the last two commissioner’s meeting. Election commissioner Dobson asked the commissioners to move $600 from one of the election’s line items into a salary line item and commissioners said no.

Jackie Gannon stated everyone had been asking him about suing the county for $600.

Stan Dobson stated that a petition would be issued to pay backpay and correct the mistake they (county legislative body, or CLB for short, or county commissioners) had made.

He stated they (CLB) had two alternatives, they could either sign it and do it right or turn it over to chancery court to settle. He stated that it had been dropped because they (CLB) had agreed they were in error, they just didn’t understand everything at the time.

Jackie Gannon stated that he didn’t know about it and if it went through the county it should go through the election commission.

Dobson stated that a petition was issued that asked them (CLB) to do what they were supposed to, and they agreed to do it in April.

Lynwood Dennis stated he met with Mark Barker Thursday night and they had agreed to pay.

Sue Patrick stated she was concerned when she heard that the “we may be suing” the county when she had no knowledge. She stated she called and told them at the Courier that she had no knowledge, maybe it had been mentioned but they had never taken any kind of vote to sue the county commission.

Patrick then brought to Dobson’s attention that there were a couple of letters that she stated he had sent Mike Gannon, one stating that, ‘There were two alternatives to doing this. We can present it to chancery court or they could present an amended budget and they could take care of that.’ She stated there was another one, ‘stating Dobson wanted to get it on the agenda and had given him (Gannon) 24 hours to put it on the agenda.’

Dobson stated that he asked Mike Gannon to talk to his commissioners and give (Election Commission) an opinion of what they were going to do. And they had decided they didn’t want it on the agenda. They didn’t put it on there, and Dobson stated they didn’t have to.

Patrick asked Dobson if he realized that it takes 6 commissioners on a special meeting to put something on the agenda. So you just called Mike Gannon and gave him 24 hours, he can’t do it, she stated.

Dobson stated that Gannon could have, but didn’t. He stated he had 24 hours after his 5 days had run out. Dobson stated that you have to have 5 days to give notice to the commissioners. He stated he told Gannon to talk to them (commissioners) to see if they would put it on the agenda. He said Gannon called him back and said they (CLB) didn’t want it on the agenda.

Then Patrick said there had been discussion about how many commissioners wanted it brought up in local news media.

She stated that Dobson had previously told her there were at least 3 that wanted it brought up.

She stated Gannon stated it took 6, and Dobson probably didn’t know it took 6 to put something on the agenda.

Dobson said he knew it took 6 (commissioners), and he had talked to 4 of them, and they stated they figured a couple more would do it, and he told them they needed to talk to Mike Gannon.

Dobson stated what he understood was that one (commissioner) talked to Mike Gannon for the others, and Mike said one had called him, and that’s the way they settled it.

He stated they found out now that most of them (commissioners) wanted to do it, but it wasn’t on the agenda so they didn’t vote on it.

Patrick stated she wasn’t at the meeting but she understood that Mike asked if more than one commissioner had requested it be on the agenda to let it be known, and no one else was willing to say they requested it.

Dobson agreed that that’s how it happened. He stated they (election commission) didn’t say anything because they weren’t on the agenda. He stated that when you call a special meeting that you can only go with what’s on the agenda.

Dobson stated if they had, that it would have nullified all the votes. Patrick then stated it had to have been done ahead of time, and it couldn’t have been done at that point.

Lynwood Dennis stated he didn’t understand, when he was a commissioner, they had a committee meeting the first Monday night of every month and they could discuss about putting items on the agenda, for the regular meeting, which was the 3rd Monday night. He stated he didn’t understand how they did it (meet) 4 times a year here (in Cannon County).

Patrick stated that Dobson previously said there was a problem getting it on the regular meeting in October.

Dobson told Patrick they (Mike Gannon’s office) lost all the paperwork, the petition, in October. They (CLB) brought the request for moving the funds back up in January, they (CLB) received it night of the meeting, and they all voted against it.

Dobson stated that when the Todd Hollandsworth, Karen Ashford and Kevin talked to them, and he explained the procedure, they stated they just didn’t understand, and that’s why they voted against it.

He stated he asked them when they got the notice, and they stated about 15 minutes before the meeting.

Patrick asked wasn’t the agenda published in the Cannon Courier? Kevin Halperin, nodded yes, and said if they send it.

Dobson stated in the October meeting that he turned in the petition 16 days before the meeting and when the meeting came up it wasn’t on the agenda.

Patrick stated she asked Mike Gannon about them losing the petition and he said no, they never did have it.

Dobson stated he was telling a lie, then.

He stated he took it in to Charlotte, Diane made a copy of it, and he (Dobson) has his copy. He stated when he ask them to do what they were supposed to do, they said they had lost the paperwork.

He stated he asked them how they lose paperwork like that, that that’s important. So they had to wait until January to bring it up.

Patrick stated maybe Mike didn’t know that it got lost.

They agreed they needed to all be on the same page.

Dennis stated that he believed that if Mark Barker had known about it, that he would have got it done, that he’s a fine fellow.

Sue Patrick stated that there was one other thing that had been brought up to her several times.

Patrick asked Dobson where the address of his voter registration was.

Dobson stated 2714 Kennedy Creek Road. Patrick asked if it was Cannon or Wilson County. Dobson stated Wilson and he verified he was registered voter in Wilson County.

Patrick asked if he at one time was a registered voter in Cannon, and he said yes, that he used to live in the apartment at 60 East Main (Auburntown).

Patrick stated it had been brought to her attention that Dobson had a voter registration that was not proper. That it was listed at the Old Cooper Garage and he wasn’t residing there. Dobson stated he was residing there, and someone had been living in the apartment for the last few weeks.

She stated she just wanted to get it straight as to where he is a registered voter.

She clarified that legally he can still be the election commissioner (with an out of county address), but if he had a fraudulent voter registration record, that does make a difference.

Dobson stated Patrick could call Lynn Harris over in Wilson County and she will tell her where his voter registration is.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved. All were present except Matt Studd.

Discussed by Sue Patrick and Stan Dobson was an address list sent from 911, they stated that some of the roads are not listed because they are not county roads, private roads are not listed. Patrick

They discussed liability insurance for protection in a lawsuit. They are going to go get the county’s insurance policy to make sure they would be covered. Motion made to go with the county’s insurance, passed.

They discussed the security of the election commission, and agreed that they had rather not have people coming through the hall where they were located. He stated that one door had been pried open but had been fixed, other doors need to be secured. Motion made to get them fixed with inmate labor, passed. They talked about closing the election end of the hall, they are going to talk with the county attorney regarding the issue.

They discussed the budget, Dobson said it wasn’t ready yet but will be done. Mike Gannon wants the budget done by March 26. They are to contact Gannon and tell him it would be after April 5, next meeting.

Dobson stated $11,000 was the cost of each of the new machines. State is working with a company to lease. The new machines will not be needed for this time, but Dobson stated he wanted to put some money back to buy ½ this year and ½ next year after discussion with Patrick. Patrick also stated government will be helping buy the machines.

They discussed SAVE’s request, to put a value on a storage room so that it could be used for grant purposes, because they are using one of the election commission rooms at present. Patrick wanted to make sure that when the new machines are in, election commission can still utilize the space now occupied by SAVE. They are to clarify this with SAVE.

They are going to run an ad in the Cannon Courier for poll workers and legal notice. Notice for the August election should be published by the 25th of March.

Ad for previous workers and first time poll workers will run in the Cannon Courier also.

They thought it would also be good to notify the experience poll workers by phone or a card as a courtesy.

Meeting was adjourned.

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