A story about life, happiness and mental strength.

Short film by Julius Koivistoinen. Starring ultra athlete Markku Saarinen. Narrated by Frank Boyle. Original music by Teea Aarnio.

Behind the scenes: vimeo.com/98562735

Song lyrics in English:
The moment I do close my eyes
A wind goes from within me

Further into a spiral
I become more visible with every round

I stretch my borders, calling the infinite space
The world spins, spins, spins
It spins, spins, spins and does not break

The moment you go to the pure confusion
Then you make peace-bringing space
Stretch your borders, call the infinite universe

The world spins, spins, spins
It spins, spins, spins free
Spins free

Voice-over recording: Ilari Sivil
Sound designer: Antti Rasi
Young Markku: Alexandros Staboulis
Make-up artist: Mari Sevonen
Assistant: Touko Tupola

LAPPI ("Lapland")
Original song by Teea Aarnio

AVARUUS ("Universe")
Original score written by Teea Aarnio
Produced by Juha Tuukkanen & Teea Aarnio


© Julius Koivistoinen, 2014

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