Compositing Love... | Every Single Node Explained | Details are the Key...

In this 45 minute tutorial, we take a look at a final shot for the Open Cut 3.0 Challenge created with Fusion 5.3, and look at every tool involved in putting this shot together.

Here's some links to topics and plugins that are refered to in this tutorial:
• Open Cut 3 - opencut.org/
• Kert Gartner's Open Cut 3 Submission #1 - blog.isotropy.ca/2009/01/open-cut-30-challenge/
• Kert Gartner's Open Cut 3 Submission #2 - blog.isotropy.ca/2009/02/open-cut-30-challenge-shot-002/
• Free Krokodove Plugins for Fusion - krokodove.com/
• Vlam for Fusion - komkomdoorn.com/
• Frantic Film's (Prime Focus) Awake Fusion Plugins - software.primefocusworld.com/software/products/awake/overview/

If you have any questions, or feedback, please let me know in the comments!


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