"Hear, Here" is a music documentary series that challenges the purpose, relevancy, intent, and authenticity of music, in an attempt to cause music artist, producers and music lovers to look beyond the industry and weigh motives.

This is not a documentary that highlights celebrities and/or mainstream recording artist. The way we figure it; who better to put emphasis on than the ones who make people famous in the first place...everyday people, from the streets to the church and all those in between.

We will be traveling as long and far as opportunity takes us to collect as many aspects, opinions and facts as possible. We have friends and other people with different levels of success that we would like you to meet.

Tune in and journey with us as we are set to debut the Fall of 2014.
Hear, Here is a social network documentary for personal reference and we just decided to share it with the social media world. Learn more at Christversal.com

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