2011 - Art Basel - Miami
Sound and Video Installation

What goes around comes around is the first work of a series of research works on the re-animation of cinema. It is a starting point on which to proceed with experimentation of new and creative ways of re-elaborating inputs of a visual form to enhance the impact they may have on the viewer allowing for a different experience. Franz Kafka sustained that cinema is a uniform for the eye, and in many ways he was right. I believe that our experience of the bidimensional (only one image) experience of the cinema restricts and in some ways deadens our senses. Though a series of works I have been working on for the past 2 years my intention is to challenge our usual way of perceiving or viewing a filmstrip. I want for the viewer to exceed the limits of ordinary viewing, reevaluating space and perception. As in all my works to date I want to provoke a shock in the viewer, capable of stilling the mind even for a split second so that our usual way of seeing, though automated fixed associations and repetitive mechanisms, can be interrupted allowing for a new and fresh way of perceiving.

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