This is a comparison of the Slog 3 and Slog 2 settings on the Sony F55. This was really for my own curiosity to see the differences compared. I wanted to see the differences across a range of exposures but under the same lighting conditions. Mainly to see how apparent the noise is and a general comparison of the levels across the different exposures. First the shots are displayed one after the other and then I have done a side by side comparison with the waveforms displayed for each side which I find helpful to show the differences in the behaviour of the curves.
The obvious problem is there is banding/blocking due to compression of the h.264 vimeo upload. But I have included burnt in waveforms so you can also see the levels across the different exposures and compare.

As a by-product of this process I discovered some quite bad blocking and banding in the upper right hand of frame even mastering out to Apple Pro Res 422 HQ that is definitely NOT there when the footage is viewed as native XAVC in Adobe Premiere CC. The camera footage has smooth gradation across the back wall. It is apparent when viewed in Quicktime and also when imported bak into Premiere. Now I'm wondering what the best format for archiving finished jobs will be as I was not happy with the Pro Res master.

Sony F55
XAVC 1920x1080 23.98 fps
Slog 3/ Slog 2
S Gamut 3.cine
iso 1250
f11, f8, f5.6, f4, f2.8

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