Today in physical therapy speed, equipment portability and a positive customer experience are key. Meditrac meets these demands with our innovative physical therapy approach and devices.

Cervical and lumbar spine traction in motion – new future treatment Meditrac's Traction on the Move™ integrates wearable cervical and lumbar spine traction units with innovative physical therapy. The combination of future treatment with wearable devices promotes rapid healing while saving on space and costs.

Patients - physically active during fast-track healing: "Traction on the Move" encourages patients to perform physical activity which in turn increases blood circulation. The outcome: A low cost, user-friendly chiropractic treatment that delivers better service, better results and a better revenue stream.

Meditrac brings relief to spinal disorders including; Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis due to Disc Herniation, Herniated Disc, whip-lash injury and degenerative changes.

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