The changing climate is making it difficult for peasants in Bangladesh to harvest enough food from their land. Based on their traditional knowledge, Bangladeshis used to be able to accurately predict when the rains would fall. They could then sow seeds in accordance to these patterns in order to yield the crops upon which they relied for survival. But rains are no longer following such a predictable schedule and the people must do their best to adjust to this new climate reality.
Kuhinor, the woman in this video brief, and her husband have suffered the consequences of this fluctuating climate. The numbers of fish once available abundantly in their water beel (wetland or pond) have dropped significantly. Due to the extreme temperature fluctuations, friends and family are also catching colds more frequently and there have also been outbreaks of pests that affect their fruit and vegetables.
However, Kunhior is not giving up on the land that her ancestors have lived on for generations, she taking action by participating in a community workshop focused on climate change adaptation.

Featuring: Kuhinor, Ahsanul Wahed, and Dr. Chun Knee Tan
Producer/Director/Editor: Megumi Nishikura and Luis Patron
Camera: Luis Patron
Scientific Adviser: Dr. Chun Knee Tan
Stock footage provided by IUCN Bangladesh
Narration: Megumi Nishikura
Color and Graphics: David Jimenez
Sound Mixer: Salmix

Shot on location in Kapasia, Bangladesh
Duration 5:47 minutes

Developed and produced for United Nations University (UNU) by UNU Media Studio in association with UNU-ISP.

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United Nations University has published this work under a Creative Commons license - share alike, attribution, no derivatives, non-commercial.

*About the filmmakers*
Luis Patron- Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
Luis Patron works as an independent documentary filmmaker, producer, HD cinematographer and editor. He teams up with talented local professionals in Japan and around the world to craft factual films for cinema and television.

Megumi Nishikura- Producer/Director/Editor
Megumi Nishikura's life purpose is to use the power of media to enlighten and inspire individuals to make choices that build a more positive sustainable world. She has been producing documentary films addressing global issues since 2003. She has a BFA in Film and Television Production from New York University's Tish School of Arts (Sydney) and a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies through the Rotary World Peace Fellowship. Within UNU, her unit “Media Studio” (MS) has grounded expertise in online learning, interactive media and video production and in linking development issues with visual media and online content on social and environmental issues.

United Nations University Media Studio
The UNU Media Studio was established in March 2003 and works in collaboration with a global network of partners to develop and share open educational resources. Through a small team based in Tokyo, the UNU promotes innovation in the building of interactive content and video documentaries that engage, entertain and educate. The core creative team is comprised of specialists in web and graphic design, documentary and multimedia production, as well as educational technology and instructional design. In developing projects, this team collaborates with subject matter experts from within the UNU, from other UN bodies and from partner universities. The UNU Media Studio also collaborates with independent professionals in the area of documentary production, web application development, web design and instructional design.

United Nations University - Institute for Sustainability and Peace
UNU-ISP takes an innovative, integrated approach to sustainability — one that encompasses global change, development, peace and security. The Institute bridges these cross-cutting issues through research, educational, and collaborative initiatives with the aim of solving current problems and anticipating future challenges.

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