This Is a Music Video that I have directed and Edited.
The Song's melody and words were written and performed by The country Singer - Edward Henline {Now using the stage name - Ed Silver}.
This project was close to my heart, as it was my debut music video to direct in the USA, and the meaning of this music video went far beyond, its aesthetics, and feel;
This music video served as one of the main features in The World Wide Donation day of Miracle's network - Children Hospitals, the hospitals that are devoted to assisting low income families to stand paying their medical expenses when their children needed a treatment. This music video was inspired by the true story of a very young girl from Morgantown WV, who got cancer, and her parents were too poor to sponsor her anti-Cancer treatments, and had to sale their home to manage keeping the payments, on their daughter medical expenses. I think that Edward Henline delivered a very sensitive and touching song, and I was honored to help him, and to co-operate in the movie directing and editing side, for a higher, and so Important cause - making the Music video which was three years ago, the annual theme for The Children's Hospitals Donation Day.
Under a very strict budget we still succeeded to create a beautiful, gentle , and touching Music Video.

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