Here's my latest VFX reel! Below is a breakdown of my role on each shot.

0:09 - Nekko - This is from my student thesis film from 2013. I designed, built, and rigged the origami hummingbird asset, as well as animated, lit, rendered, and composited this shot. The most challenging yet fun aspect of this effect was scripting a versatile auto-wiggle rig feature, as well as the multi-wing set up which helped to achieve the motion blur look.

0:21 - Dust - This is from a short film produced at Ember Lab, finished in 2014. I animated and composited this shot.

0:25 - Dust - I created the ground replacement and composited this shot.

0:38 - Brother - This is a student film from 2012. I provided on-set supervision, animated, lit, and composited this shot.

0:41 - Brother - On-set supervision, rigging and animation.

0:47 - Nekko - Supervised on set, built and animated the roots, lit and composited this shot.

0:52 - Nekko - Full CG. I designed, lit, and rendered this shot. I also supervised the rigging and animation.

0:57 - Dust - Animation, composite.

1:06 - Dust - Animation.

1:10 - Hisense - I modeled, animated, rendered, simulated, and composited the first 3 shots. I only composited the 4th. The beautiful fume in the last shot was created by Phil McGuire!

1:18 - I supervised, rigged, and managed a small VFX team for this in 2012, mostly hands-off. Very proud of my team knocking this out in a very timely manner.

1:23 - Another student film. This one goes way back to 2010. I wish I knew about ambient occlusion back then! And I guess no one thought to use tracking markers...

1:29 - Dust - I animated this shot. It was a great rig to begin with, but I added some curve-based features to achieve the wiggle motion seen here.

1:35 - Prey - On-set supervision, main fume asset, composite.

1:38 - Dust - Underwater "hydra" animation. I did everything in this shot.

1:40 - Dust - Animation, final textures, composite.

1:44 - Nekko - Everything.

1:48 - Nekko - Everything.

1:59 - Dust - Liquid simulation, arm effect, composite.

Thanks for watching! The song is Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins.

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