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This is my first “big” project.. as I never made any of my projects! :D
It’s a parody of the music video Thinking of You by Katy Perry with the Characters of The Batman of DC Comics.

It’s almost entirely done in my big bedroom and I did eeeeeverything on my own! No long credits! :-P

I only want to thank my dear cousin Marta for helping me in the outdoor scene and my dear friend Marta (yep, another one!) who always supported me and gave me the courage to take actions and realize this goal!

Only if you want, you can tell me which is your favorite scene in this parody and suggest new ideas for future productions with a comment or a video response!
I love you..

Jessica (Jeyam)


Q: Why this song?
A: I don’t really know why.. The first time I’ve heard this song it attracted me like a magnet so I immediately went watching the music video.. And then.. I said “I have to do something with it!!!”
And so I took my old Joker project out from my closet and “painted” it on this music video!

Q: Why these characters?
A: After the Dark Knight movie I went out a kind of “obsessed” (in a good way) with the Joker character and so I did with the cartoons in which he was a couple with Harley Queen.
Last year I wanted to shoot a really short video of Joker and Harley with a song called “Crazy in Love” but I never finished it as I left for LA for few months. When I came back home in Italy I wanted to use these two characters I love in a different way.. And here they are.. Like it or not! :P

Q: Where did you find the costumes?
A: Every single thing has been sewed by me. Yes, even the Joker plushie.. :-D
I only bought the Joker wig on Ebay and the Batman mask is made with paper mache.

PS. Sorry for eventual English mistakes.. I’m just a simple Italian girl! :D

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