Age Of Destruction (Life is a Dream) by Valeriano Gaibazzi

Life is a dream,
life is a light in the hevenly night
life is a mirror of wasted remarks
one thousand marks of forgotten blue art
lost in the park

memories fill
come and go after your stupidity
and in the darkness you fight for the tree
of broken hearts of a muted council
lost in the hills

day after day
fighting your way through a barrier of fouls
who tell you how then your life should have been
steering your weel far away from your needs
without retreat

painting the skies
with far away light of northen remains
with ancient horns and a magical bowl
that shows your future in mystical clouds
dust from the past
and in the end
you'll draw your swords to behead all this fouls
to sweep away all your memories lost
all of the sins that you mostly regret
there'll be no rest

life is a dream
life is a fight that you will alway lose
life is a joke of a puppeteer, mad
out of a play of a desperate farce
tragedy's past....

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