Graduation film from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark, which also proudly presents "Vegeterrible", "Out of a Forest" and "Stop Motherfucker".

The main creators are:
Peter Smith (Directing, Rigging, Storyboard and animatic, Animation, BG-shoot, Compositing)
Magnus I. Møller (Directing, Character design, 3d models and textures, Animation, BG-shoot, Compositing)
Alice Holme (CG-backgrounds, Character development, Storyboard, Animation)
Anders Jepsen (Matte-painting, Vehicles design, Sets building, Animation)

Visit for extra material and info.

Elk hair Caddis is made with great inspiration from the work of the swedish company "Meindbender", "Tex Avery" and "Panic in the Village".

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