Music Hall & Union Terminal Ask You to Sing Along

Music Hall & Union Terminal released the original song “HEY YO! Save Our Icons” that is quickly becoming the rally cry for the efforts to save the buildings.

Files of various lengths can be downloaded from

Additionally, the Save Our Icons effort is inviting the community to make and share customized versions of this anthem. A song kit with the lyrics and music files are available for groups interested in “covering” “HEY YO! Save Our Icons.” Check for more information including if you would like to receive the song kit.

This “HEY YO! Save Our Icons” music video available for viewing, downloading and sharing.

The community is invited and urged to share the song and video with others via social media or other outlets.
The lyrics and music of “HEY YO! Save Our Icons” are the creative product of Landor.

“Music brings people together, just like our icons of Music Hall and Union Terminal,” said Kathy Wade, CEO of Learning Through Art and member of the Cultural Facilities Task Force. “This anthem gets your heart pumping, yours hands clapping, and your spirits rising. It reminds us these treasures need us to speak for them, no, to sing for them!”

Scott Dannenfelser, creative director of Landor, added, “We hope people will seize this opportunity to use their voices through this song to make a meaningful difference and loudly proclaim the region’s support for Union Terminal and Music Hall.”

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