Welcome to launch of Infatuation TV. We figured you're probably getting sick of all the reading we're making you do, and we're not quite ready to make the switch to audiobooks, here we are with the first of what will be many installments of original video content - Infatuation TV. That's right. Stang & Steinthal in moving pictures on your computer.

ImmaculateInfatuation.com is bringing our worlds of music and food together, introducing you to a restaurant we love and a band we're fired up about. This time around, we hit Char No. 4 in Brooklyn, one of our favorite BBQ spots. Since chef Matt Greco is from Texas, we figured we'd introduce him to Dallas, Texas' own Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights.

JT&NL play dirty, reckless, guitar driven rock with hints of blues and soul. They fill a necessary void in today's music scene and provide a swift answer to the question "What Happened To Rock N Roll?” Guess what. It's back. As much as we would have loved to let these guys plug in and blow the doors off the Char No. 4 dining room, JT&NL stripped down and went acoustic for us, as they played a track from their new album Pardon Me which comes out April 27th.

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