Sufi Gardening in Lefke, Cyprus by Ubaydullah Rabbani. Episode 3. 22 june 2014.

Summary of this episode is tomatoes on black soil grown up almost same size as the main one which has fruits. Also the yellow tomato become red in just 3 days. Also egg plant leafs grown 4 times larger in just 3 days compared to first episode. And the cuccini plants got more leafs the new cuccini on fence side. And main big cuccini got flowers. All this just in 3 days since episode 2.

This is new project of Ubaydullah Rabbani about planting vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts in your own land. Video lessons, examples from real garden.
Sufi Gardening started from Ubaydullah Rabbani planting seeds into the Lefke earth opened after Sheikh Nazim pass away and was burried in earth of Lefke. Let's continue enjoy his barakah coming to us from under the ground through plants! Because he was urging everyone to plant food. Work with gardenings as he did as well.
And this video I made today. I plan to make such video once in every few days so people can see how the new garden actually is growing like reality show. And then giving some advices from direct experience about growing food in your home place using just seeds and water in any free land around yourself.
Also facebook page for this project is so stick on that if you want to see all updates on that matter with comments and so on.

Music: Wagner: Bridal Chorus - piano by Kevin MacLeod (

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