With the development of technology and social networks, personal information are everywhere: everyone can find us or at least see our face, know our name, where we are living, what we are doing.
The notion of privacy has to be reconsidered: the more data exist, the more the problem concerning who can access those data is rising. And a fear of lack of privacy has been constructed from this belief.
The need of privacy starts when we no longer have privacy: it is the consequence of the constantly showing and sharing pieces of information. I imagined where the constructed scarcity of privacy could lead. For the simple fact we are physical entities, we communicate our identities to others just by being, existing, showing ourselves in public. Therefore, if this tendency of covering up the face lasts, there will be the risk to have a completely condition of facelessness: only having no face will prevent to be recognized.
In a future where faces will lose the property to show who we are, we couldn’t base the recognition among people on the face anymore: how would people be perceived and recognized each other then? In this kind of scenario, how different would society be?
I imagine that we will recognize each other thanks to senses: smell, hearing. Three different props, three devices that will amplify the other senses, except the sight, that will turn useless.

More: cargocollective.com/giuliasoldati/Unfaced

Shooting and editing: Edorardo Richetti

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