Tales from the Heart is a collaboration between four artists, Afshin Vahabzadeh, Price Morgan, Saki Murotani and Tyler Jordan, collectively known as Drool. After agreeing their guiding theme for this piece would be the human heart and restricting themselves to a black, white and red colour scheme, Jordan, Morgan, Murotani and Vahabzadeh went off separately to create their own content. Employing a wide range of animation techniques and styles ranging from hand drawing to applying complex particle systems they each came up with surreal, often beautiful imagery. A week later the quartet reunited to mash it all up into a polished, psychedelic mix of sound and “chaotic eye candy” as they call it. In their words, Tales from the Heart is “a wild ride through the body, the gutter and the cosmos”.
— Ian Leung, Prairie Tales 12


Director: Drool
Motion Graphics: Saki Murotani, Tyler B Jordan, Afshin Vahabzadeh
3D: Price Morgan
Compositing: Saki Murotani, Price Morgan
Audio: Price Morgan, Saki Murotani, Tyler B Jordan
Produced with the support from Film & Media at The Banff Centre.
Copyright © 2009 Drool

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