Modeled after the famous indie-competition in Hawaii "Showdown in Chinatown," the Ewa Makai Media Enrichment course decided to host a small friendly competition between a former student/aspiring film maker - Dacen Batara - and his former teacher - Mr. Toyota.

Playing for cupcakes, the competition was fierce with both sides investing hours into pre-production and post production and working within a small window to complete their videos (with only 4 hours to shoot!).

The special surprise requirements were:
1) Needed to handle "Time Travel"
2) Include at least 4 seconds of a Miley Cyrus song
3) Include a candy cane
4) Be 1min to 5mins long
5) Include the phrase "I'm sorry but, OMG.... NO!"
6) Must include a coherent story

WHO DO YOU THINK WON? Voice your opinion below!

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