"Friday Flash No. 7 – Kid Wonder" takes place on Friday, July 18th at 8pm and again on Saturday, July 19th at 11am, both hosted by the Denver Theatre District on our deluxe LED screen located at the corner of 14th and Champa Street. The basis for “Kid Wonder” is to explore short-form animations and digital artworks that inspire the imaginations of kids as well as adults. In general, the artworks presented by Denver Digerati over the first three years of programming are accessible to the public in a way that is rare for all art, for both young and old alike, although one can sense that older generations simply have less interest in watching experimental or “unknown” programming on an LED screen. But the spark of interest struck by a younger generation, and certainly that of children that have witnessed Denver Digerati’s unique platform to date, lends a particularly keen interest to the pulse within the programming possibilities. Kid Wonder serves as an example of the overriding accessibility and “wonder” inherent in art that is firmly of today yet rooted in artistic traditions that have steadily grown in sophistication and visibility over just the last hundred-plus years.

In keeping to the spirit of Saturday morning cartoons, Kid Wonder will have a repeat screening the morning of July 19th at 11am, following it’s debut Friday night, July 18th at 8pm.

The artwork sampled for this promotional video is "The Idea Machine" by Mr. Kaplin, just one of the spectacular works to be screened during the approximately 50 minute program. The anticipated lineup for the screening is:

Mr. Kaplin (England) - The Idea Machine
Joshua Catalano (France) - I have no idea what i’m doing
Yum Yum (England) - Parallel Parking
Sin Young Kim (PNSY Studio) - Dream
Emilia Forstreuter (Germany) - Yonder
Kazantip Republic and SilaSveta (Russia) - Intergalactic Projection Mapping Championship
Johnny Kelly (England) - The Seed
Emmett Feldman / Suryummy (California) - Panamax
Joshua Catalano (France) - Cargo de nuit
Ben Ridgeway (California) - Cellular Circuitry
Mehdi Louala + Eva Navaux + Gabrielle Locre (France) - Space Bruce
Ori Toor (Israel) - Vial of Sound: A lifetime Passed
FaceHeads (Russia) - New Beard: My People Are Around
Jamie Hoy (England) - CAT-imation
Aran Quinn / The Mill (New York) - Wayne the Stegosaurus
M-I-E (England) - Jammed
Kyle Mowat (New York) - BALLPIT
2veinte (Argentina) - Looking for a Fight
David Pocull (Spain) - Balls
Philipp Artus (Germany) - Snail Trail
Yum Yum (England) - Happy Food
ZEITGUISED (Germany) - Mouse on Mars: Cream Theme
AlfredImageworks (South Korea) - Johnny Express
FaceHeads (Russia) - New Beard: Solamente Cloud

Denver Digerati is a special platform in development by the Denver Theatre District for four years, intended to nurture and bring leading advances in motion-based artwork to Denver’s public through state of the art LED screens located in some of the most exciting locations in Downtown Denver.

The DTD’s LED infrastructure is unique to any other city in the country, supporting a mandate to enhance Denver’s urban core through a dynamic, constant visual art presence by local innovators and leading artists from around the world. The project is curated by Denver residents Ivar Zeile and Ryan Pattie. View the full history of our efforts at denverdigerati.com

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