The story of a courageous, passionate, God-intoxicated man, who fought for liberty of conscience—America's greatest gift to humankind. Voted one of the ten most important stories of the second millennium. The Pilgrims and the Puritans came to America seeking religious freedom for themselves. Roger Williams arrived seeking liberty of conscience for all: Protestant and Catholic, Jew and Muslim, unbeliever and pagan.

Participating Scholars:
Edwin S. Gaustad – Professor Emeritus, University of California Riverside
Derek H. Davis – Director, Church State Studies, Baylor University
Keith Francis – Chair of History Dept., Pacific Union College
J. Stanley Lemons – Prof. of History, Rhode Island College

Running Time: 45 minutes

© 2001 Produced by: The Interfaith Religious Liberty Foundation (dba Center for Liberty of Conscience)
CLC is a Non-Profit Organization

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