My film is a documentary about inner city poverty and drugs. I included my personal perspective since I play the protagonist, whereas the antagonist in my film are the negative aspects associated with smoking crack. I bring light to the environmental issues consisting of living in the ghetto and being exnominated from the rest of society eg; (the media), and social issues relating to social consciousness and dialectical materialism. Dialectical materialism is the notion of how a person, technology, or even an environment adapts to the changes throughout time. However in this case the environment only changes because the protagonist shares a glimpse of a better life. The individuals who inhabit the ghetto are limited to their surroundings which also inhibits them from understanding the bigger picture and there world on a broader level. These elements form who and what they are which is in accordance to the dialectical theory of urban society.

I have formed my story by using a narrative over the film footage. The only narrative that I include in real-time is a song that I play on piano. The music is a language of its own which helps personify the character and personalize the connection between the protagonist, the narrator, and the primary issue of drug abuse.

The story itself is about a man who has or is living in an abusive drug infested environment in the city, who aspires for a better life. In doing so he sets out to improve himself by using his creative talent of playing music. His music helps him combat the demons that have contributed to his drug abuse though at the same time it also evokes the feeling that he is sharing his spirit in hopes for other individuals with addiction problems and he is showing them a positive way to beat it.

In the end, my film is for all audiences, as not only is it geared towards helping those on the brink of destroying their lives. It also portrays an evil truth that most people shun away from. However if you open that door for them… They always want to take a look inside to look beyond the familiar. For this reason I fill my canvas with the unfamiliar for all those who dare to look inside.

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