In the final segment of the Design in Flux Panel, the panelists all discuss the shared experience of design and the creation of video game worlds that are evolving sets, take some questions from the audience, and unveil the Autodesk Scroll of Design Evolution

Immersive design addresses the character, architecture, content, surface and texture of any
environment that triggers and drives narrative. Whether that space is proactive or passive,
inhabited, or in transition, this cross-media design process uses a multi-dimensional workspace
that liberates the creators from traditional linear constraints. How should the new breed of
designers establish and understand the complexity of their central role in narrative media?
What is this dynamic creative process demanding from new technology? What has changed?
What worlds can we now (not) build?

Moderator: Alex McDowell—production designer
(Minority Report, Fight Club, Watchmen)

Rick Carter—production designer
(A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, War of the Worlds, Avatar)

Tino Schaedler—architect, art director (Harry Potter)

Sebastian Sylwan—senior industry manager, fi lm for
Autodesk Media and Entertainment

Habib Zargarpour—senior art director, Electronic Arts

5D Conference

Digital technologies are blurring the boundaries between the passive and active experience of visual art, entertainment, environmental design and the built environment. Out of these transformations emerge unique challenges and inspirations for those facing the creative process of world-building and storytelling in narrative media.

5D offers a progressive platform for discourse on the present and future of immersive design, and its impact on all aspects of the creative media space, by engaging creative collaborators working in a broad spectrum of disciplines and media.

This unprecedented cultural event is curated for everyone involved in design and storytelling, and the creation of immersive environments, across all mediums. Its goal is to unite a vital community of designers and image-makers from across a broad spectrum of entertainment, built environment and media disciplines, and serve as a catalyst for innovation.

Join renowned designers and thinkers for a series of inspiring, educational and career-enhancing discussions and networking, focused on the evolving nature of entertainment content creation, the challenges of world-building, and the design of experience-driven environments.


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