This video is about creating fundraising pages on the Social Fundraising Network the sister site of

The first page when you go to the site is the Activity Page.

This is the place where all of the activity or post on the site are displayed.

To create a fundraiser, Click on the Fundraising for Charities and Causes in the main menu.

On this page you see the currently active Fundraisers and can learn more about them by clicking on the fundraiser links.

To create a fundraiser click on the Create A Campaign button in the upper right corner of the page.

This page is where you create your fundraiser to tell the world about your Charity and Causes.

Select a category.

Then select a sub category.

Defining Categories and subcategories helps people find causes that relate to their specific interest.

Next give you cause a name. Usually the name of your Charity or Cause.

The Short Description: Enter a description here that grabs the viewers attention and encourages them to learn more. This description will be displayed on the currently active fundraisers page.

The Main Description: This is where you tell the world what your cause is all about, the who, what, when and where and Why people should care and help.

You can use pictures, use bolding, font sizes and quotes to emphasize key points about your cause.

If you have a website for you cause enter the URL of the site.

If you have an end date for the fundraiser enter it in the Expires Date field or select Unlimited if there is not a time limit.

If you want to advertise the location of your Charity enter it in the Location field. It will be display on the fundraisers main page. Location is not required.

Once you click Publish or Save as Draft you can create Picture Galleries, Video Galleries, enter contact information, setup emails to send to donors and invite friends to visit the page donate and help spread the word about your fundraiser.

Once your campaign is published the site moderators will be notified and once approved will be active on ClapFor. Once approved it will also be reviewed for adding it to the charity Partners page on site.

That is all there is to it. Now that your fundraiser page is approved start using all the capabilities of the Network to promote it.

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