Video documentation from the hallucinatory performance Eden, the Pow(d)er of Fear by the Finnish artist Henna-Rikka Halonen.

Lilith Performance Studio presents
Henna-Riikka Halonen (FIN)
Eden, The Pow(d)er of Fear
Performance: May 29 -31 & June 5-7, 2014

Fear, power and ideology. Is it a game or a hallucination?

“At Eden we invent our stories and act our parts. We pretend to be happy or sad. To be in love, to break off, to have adventure, since nothing happens in our studies or our useless lives.”
From L’Eden et Apres by Alain Robbe Grillet

The new live performance Eden, The Pow(d)er of Fear takes place in a labyrinth like construct, in which the viewers are let in to wander freely.

A throw of a dice governs the order of the scenes inside of the set, where a group of students are spending time, indulging in transgressive behaviour of all sorts; games, plays, rituals and other activities. All this triggers a hallucinogenic, baffling chain of events, which takes quite bizarre forms.

The whole set of Eden, The Pow(d)er of Fear has a repetitive structure and is full of mirror images. lt is like a mise en abyme, a world within worlds, stories within stories where the line between "real" and "illusion is difficult to determine.

Henna-Riikka Halonen (lives and works in Helsinki, Finland) uses a wide range of historical and cultural references, including avant-garde theatre and science fiction literature and cinema – testing the tensions between performers, audience and acting and non-acting.

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Participants: Ida Mårdhed, Valdica Culic, Pether Lindgren, Susanne Larsdotter, Mats Henning, Lisa Mårtensson, Linda Granath, Joar Dahlskog, Kristofer Jönsson, Daniel Mårs, Simón Robertson Salas, Helena Pataki, Marte Edvarda Tidslevold, Vilija Židovainytė, Selma Kjellson, Viktor Feuk , Josefin Snygg, Louise Mullavey, Leakim Eventhén

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