This is a documentary-style exposition piece.

The video was shot on a single camera, Canon T3i, and was shot entirely handheld. The location it was shot in had very low/white fluorescent lighting. I try to steer clear of video noise so pumping up the ISO above 400 was not an option. In order to capture a reasonable image, however, I used a Canon 50mm f/1.2 FD lens, with an EOS adapter. This older lens gave me manual control of the aperture. The aperture was kept open as much as possible to let in more light. As a result, the depth of field was extremely shallow. Nonetheless, this was preferable over video noise.

Because the camera was shot entirely handheld, the shallow depth of field was quite difficult to handle. I considered adding motion filters and playing with the video to distract from all the camera movement, but decided against it for stylistic purposes. I did not want the video to look like a music video or a club promotion video. This video is supposed to have more of a documentary feel to it so I kept it as clean as possible.

As for color, the low lighting gave the video a very cool tone. This was bad since the video is focused primarily on tattoos and skin. Resolve was giving me too many importing issues so I had to color correct directly in FCP 7. I was able to give the video a much warmer look. Another problem with color grading was trying to make the skin look natural, without compromising the color of the tattoos. Although it took longer than expected, I was able to find the right balance between getting that warmer look, without saturating the color of the tattoos on the skin.

I wrote, directed, shot, edited and color graded the entire project myself within 4 days. I am extremely happy with the end result. Nevertheless, this is just one piece of a much larger project I am working on now.

Please give your opinions, comments and/or thoughts and thanks for watching!

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