Baywara The Film follows the incredible 60,000 year old story of Australian Indigenous elder Djalu Gurruwiwi.
We have filmed with Djalu for the past 5 years and now we need your help to fund the last crucial production stage of Djalu's movie.
In August we wish to travel with Djalu to one of his clan's most important sacred sites Raragala aka "Hole In The Wall", a remote part of the Wessell Islands off the coast of North East Arnhem Land.
Djalu is an incredible force of nature; Galpu clan elder and spiritual custodian of the Yidaki (Didjeridoo), he is a walking encyclopedia of Indigenous Knowledge, perhaps what makes him most unique is his remarkable ability to cross from the Indigenous to the Balanda (non-Indigneous world) with openness to embrace and share cultures.
In an unprecedented move that shows his remarkably generous nature, Djalu has invited not just his family to Raragala, he will bring us, the film crew and Australian pop music star Gotye, contemporary artist Ghostpatrol and Internationally renowned portrait photographer Soren Solkaer all to share stories, music, art and image making in a shared creative collaborative spirit that is sure to bring about a new atmosphere of understanding between cultures.
Furthermore renowned Australian songsmith Nick Cave will provide the Voiceover to this amazing journey.
With your funding help we can make this film and show the world Djalu's important story.

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