Ehrmann Mixim and StrawberryFrog - Romancing the Yogurt Through CGI

Advertising agency, StrawberryFrog, approached DK to find a creative partner to help launch Ehrmann's Mixim creamy greek yogurts, the brand's first television commercial in the United States.

DK was tapped for our unique approach to CGI - we create from a filmmaker's and artist's perspective - and our commitment to craft, detail and storytelling. DK's insight was to build the spot fully through CGI to give us the freedom to create camera angles that would otherwise be impossible, selling the romantic creative direction of the spot through one fluid sequence.

As always with food (and CGI), the challenge was to ensure the product looked real and appetizing. DK researched the product extensively and shot reference footage on our stage that would prove crucial to achieving realism. The animation of the falling cherries and chocolate were hand keyed to ensure the most artistically appealing movement and compositions. DK used physically accurate cameras, lensing, and lighting. We even worked in a physically accurate scale to be sure the move never felt too big or too small.

Our Behind the Scenes video takes you through the creation of the spot and the delicious resulting television spot.

Technical Notes:

- Leveraged Chaos Group Vray for rendering
- Developed a unique system and Thinkbox’s Genome for yogurt impacts humorously dubbed “plop-tech” by the team
- The spot was lit using a tool developed by software company, A&G Tool Company

Client: Ehrmann
Agency Partner: StrawberryFrog New York

For Digital Kitchen:

Creative Director: Chad Ashley
Producer: Julie Benevides
Storyboards: Jeremy Rumas

CG Production
Look Development: Chad Ashley
Previz & Layout: Todd Kumpf
Yogurt Sculpt: Justin Reed
Yogurt Impact Simulation: Tim Little
Cherry Model & Texture: Justin Reed
Chocolate Model & Texture: Todd Kumpf
Shading: Chad Ashley
Lighting: Justin Reed

Life Action Reference Shoot
Cinematographer: Chad Ashley
Key Grip: Justin Reed
Camera: Tim Little
Lights Provided By: Kevin Walsh

CG Post Production
Compositing: Tim Little
Color Grade: Jeremy Stuart
Case Study: Tim Little

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