Open Style Lab visited the MIT AgeLab and met Paro, a therapeutic robotic seal. Mike, our client (check out his majorly cool prosthetic hand) lulled Paro to sleep!

Paro is actually a super advanced interactive robot, classed as a medical device. Weighted to feel like a baby, and making cute squeals while batting its eyelashes and twitching its tail in response to your stroking or cooing, Paro serves to reduce patient and caregiver stress.

Open Style Lab: Open Style Lab is a 10-week program at MIT, that teams up student designers, engineers and occupational therapists to create clothing for people with disabilities. Visit us at!

MIT AgeLab: A lab at MIT, headed by Prof Joe Coughlin, focused on policy, technology and services that help people to age vibrantly. Developed the AGNES suit that simulates the body of a 75 year old. Visit them at!

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