Discovering the Pointe of Joy shares the story of a dance studio in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky that has brought joy to an entire community for a decade.

The idea for this documentary came from my personal experiences as a young dancer in Eastern Kentucky. The studio where I took lessons, Pointe of Joy Performing Arts, had a significant impact on my life as I grew up. I have many treasured memories of my time spent there and was able to grow not only as a dancer and an artist, but also as a person. As I've gotten older, I've come realize the enormous sacrifice and hard work that was put into bringing and sustaining that studio in the area. I decided to share the story of how a young woman, fresh out of college with exciting job opportunities, instead developed a plan to bring the arts back home to Eastern Kentucky. That vision had a great impact on each student that walked through the doors of that studio and became a point of joy for the entire community.

Discovering the Pointe of Joy shares the story of the studio's beginning, chronicles and looks back on progress that has been made, and explores the ways this organization has impacted its students and community. The story is told through archival footage from past studio productions and interviews from students and parents as well as founder Lora Jane Hyden as we follow the performance of students at a local nursing home. In keeping with the theme of expanding the arts in Eastern Kentucky, the crew is made up of local student filmmakers in an effort to continue providing interest and opportunities in the arts.

Upon completion, the documentary was attached as a part of the DVD of the tenth anniversary recital performance.

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