There bumpers were remastered for HD recently. Click here to see the remaster:

Here's a string of Christmas bumpers for Norwegian TV2, designed and directed by me.

I am very interested in folklore and tradition, so this was a perfect project for me. The bumpers features a traditional norwegian mythological character called the "Nisse", who is something of middle thing between a gnome and an elf. He lives on farms in rural Norway and watches over the livestock and people living there. If you don't feed him properly, he will start misbehaving. I think this character is local to Scandinavia, alghough most old cultures have some kind of "house spirit" that needs to be respected.

These bumpers won gold in the Promax World competition in 2006.


Rune Spaans: Art and direction, modeling, lighting, matte paint and compositing.

Øystein Larsen: Technical supervision, project management, rigging, effects and lighting.

Frode Ekeberg: Modeling, textures, logo animation.

André M. Hitsøy: Modeling, textures and rigging.

Johan Leuf: Modeling and animation.

Andreas Westin: Animation.

Ivar Rødningen: Character design, modeling.

Kim M. Jensen: Sound.

Produced by Toxic Design Studio.

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