To Educate and Inspire

Dolby Laboratories has long been considered the preeminent provider of sound technology in the film industry. Beginning with Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, the first film to use Dolby® noise reduction technology, we've been at the forefront of improving cinema sound. Given our history of enhancing what moviegoers hear, we created the Dolby Institute to educate and inspire content providers to use the power of audio and visual technologies in all their projects.

All too often, sound is treated as an afterthought—something to be considered only once a film is shot, once the animation for a game has been produced, or once an app is developed. The Dolby® Institute's goal is to help you, as artists, think critically about sound throughout the creative process.

"The Dolby Institute engages artists by providing education, inspiration, and support throughout the creative process," says Glenn Kiser, Director of the Dolby Institute. "We encourage thinking creatively about sound and visuals as storytelling tools from the beginning."

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