Conference - LES ATELIERS - 4th april 2014 - Nantes (France)

Brands are not just about fulfilling basic consumer needs. Brands possess great power and the
truly great brands will be those that learn to balance this power with responsibility”
Susannah Hart

We live in a world of brands, which create the environment around us day by day. Due to human nature, we constantly evolve according to the environment we live in. So far not many brands seem to use their power responsibly, while corporate social responsibility and ethical codes do not seem to be so effective in practice. After analysing the environmental and psychological impacts brands have on society, I came to conclusion that pollution of the mental environment triggers global problems such as environmental and financial crisis, which in long term leads to self-destruction.

The aim of my project is to motivate businesses to behave responsibly towards our society. Therefore, I decided to create the rating for brands that’s is based on ethical factors, such as: ecology, human rights and mental environment. Therefore, I give the opportunity for brands to compete to benefit people and people to know which brands are good for us as a society.

I gathered different sources of information on ethical behavior of brands, which are not easy to find for ordinary people. Furthermore, I let people evaluate whether they think the brand is doing well for society in order to keep he evaluation objective. The end result is the list of brands that are ethical to our society, so that people would know which brand to consume that would positively affect the development of our world. Therefore, this would encourage ethical brands to continue what they are doing and other brands to become more ethical in order to keep their sales up.

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