"epitelesis presents... Fausto Gracia"
Public Performance & Video Screening

Within the frame of the artists' presentation series by epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation, performance artist Fausto Gracia from Mexico proposed a live performance that took place in public spaces, on Tuesday 24th of June, starting at the ground floor of CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point and continuing in Kotzia Square. During the day, documentation from Gracia's work was screened on the ground floor, in an attempt to showcase artistic activity as a poetic trace. The artist's body comes in contact with an audience through the usage of public space, as a reflection of the human need for coexistence, communication and collective action towards fluctuating social conditions.

Artist's website: faustogracia.com
Organization: epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation / epitelesis.com
Project Coordinators: Andreas Pashias & Blanka Amezkua

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